Monday, October 15, 2018

Launch Trailer

It's finally done!  The launch trailer that is.  Take a look!
Watch The Elementalist Launch Trailer on Youtube!

The game is pretty solid at this point too but I'm still trying to add a bit more music variety before the early access release.  I ended up spending more time trying to get the trailer put together than I had initially expected.  Probably because I haven't done any video editing since '92 or so when it still involved actual tapes.  Yikes!

I also ended up spending a lot of cycles trying to dial in the musical sound of the game.  I had been using a really great flexible and free tracker-like tool called SunVox but I ultimately decided to dial the sound all the way back to the original NES era so I switched to a more rudimentary program called FamiTracker.  FamiTracker emulates the original hardware (including the eccentricities) of the original NES 2A03 chip.  It can even output to the same format for playing on the original hardware.  So cool!

I have converted all of the music I had produced for the game to the lo-fi format and I'm happier with the way it sounds.  I feel like it gels better with the pixel art aesthetic of The Elementalist.

FamiTracker doesn't have the easiest or most intuitive interface I have ever used but now that I'm a bit more familiar with the work-flow I am starting to appreciate what it does offer.  There is a surprising amount of possibility given two square channels with 16 discrete volume levels, a triangle channel that can only sort-of change volume with some shenanigans, a noise channel and a sample channel.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the trailer.